See what makes Curacao special. Exquisite beaches, spectacular diving, stunning architecture, adventures for every interest – plus multicultural diversity, intriguing music, art and cuisine. Experience the best of Curacao and escape to the Caribbean’s hidden treasure.

Curacao, or in Papiamentu (the local language) Korsou, is an island situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. The country of Curacao consists of the main island and the small, uninhabited island ‘Klein Curacao’ (Little Curacao). The origin of the word Curacao can be explained through different theories. One of the most likely explanations stems from the word “Corazon” (Heart), which is the word the Spanish used to describe the island at some point. This word got corrupted by famous Portuguese mapmakers through their own language into Curacau or Curacao. Today the island is locally known as “Dushi Korsou” (Sweet Curacao).

This guide is not just a summary of all the cafés, shops, beaches or bars one can find on the island. The places have been selected by us and locals from Curacao who have shown us their favorite places. These are both known and unknown places to tourists. We have selected the funniest, most beautiful, striking, exclusive or most ordinary restaurants, bars, beaches, cafés, shops, and arts & entertainment. Walking tours and driving tours have been mapped out which will make it easy for you to visit these amazing places.

So, get of your beach chair, leave your cocktail for a moment and start experiencing what the versatile Curacao has in store for you!