Although Amsterdam might often remind you of Disneyland in terms of its crowds, do not be fooled by the rental bikes in bright green, yellow or red colours, the winter caps with ‘Amsterdam’ written on them in bold letters or the coffee shops with Dutch treats. Whereas Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck head back home after closing, Amsterdammers actually live in Amsterdam. Therefore it is more interesting to show you where Amsterdammers shop, drink, eat or relax rather than treating it as an amusement park. I can hear you guys thinking ‘my god, another local guide is about to try and reinvent the wheel’. Although I cannot deny it is a local guide, this guide takes a different approach.

How to Avoid the Other Tourists – Amsterdam tour guide is not just a summary of all the bars, parks, cafés or shops one can find. The places have been selected by me and my fellow Amsterdammers who showed me their favourite places. These are both known and unknown places to tourists, and they represent the Amsterdam Amsterdammers live in.

How to Avoid the Other Tourists – Amsterdam tour guide consists of five chapters. Each chapter covers one part of the city: West, South, East, North and Centre. Every chapter has been divided into neighbourhoods. In order to make this book accessible, different neighbourhoods have been put together. A selection has been made of the funniest, most beautiful, striking, exclusive or most ordinary restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and arts & entertainment. In addition to these places, walks have been mapped out. These walks will show every neighbourhood’s finest places, architectural beauties, visual art and undiscovered courtyards. A walk can easily entertain you for a day. The North chapter is somewhat different. North has not been divided into different neighbourhoods and has just one tour which is by bike. North has some beautiful sites but not all of North is nice to walk around or stop by for a drink or bite.

So, take off your Amsterdam winter cap, throw away your joint, start experiencing the versatile Amsterdam that is waiting for you and try to avoid the other tourists!

Guided tours
How to Avoid the Other Tourists – Amsterdam is not just a written tour guide but also a real life tour guide! Everything is possible during these tours since we do not offer fixed routes or hours. Always wanted to explore the Southern part of Amsterdam and its Plan Zuid? Or learn more about the former Jewish Quarter? Or discover a mix of different neighbourhood’s across the city? You name it, we realise it.

And if you do not have any clue about where you would like to be guided through, then you can sit back and relax as we will blow your mind away with our own developed tours where you can pick from.

Tours can be both in English and Dutch.

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