The concept of How to Avoid the Other Tourists is an initiative by Nina van der Weiden. She started to write the Amsterdam tour guide as a response to the increasing pressure on the city centre. The number of tourists Amsterdam accommodates increases every year. In her eyes it was time for a serious game of ‘spreading the tourists’ without making them feel unwanted in the centre.

This initiative has been set up by her in order to show the tourist more than just the sights you will find in every family album and is a serious attempt to reduce the pressure on the well-known tourist spots. How to Avoid the Other Tourists provides the necessary tools to discover different parts of a city, island or country without feeling lost all the bloody time.

Nina (1989) is a political scientist with a large interest for sustainability and urban development. She has fallen in love with Amsterdam since she moved here in her student years. Amsterdam lured her in and will not easily let her go, as she says herself. She is always on the way to somewhere with someone for some time and is easily bored when she is not running from one side of town to the other. Her dream is to make as many How to Avoid the Other Tourists travel guides as possible.

The illustrations and design of How to Avoid the Other Tourists – Amsterdam are made by Mieke de Roo (1982) from In Sight (studio for infographics en illustrations). Mieke is a human geographer and graphic designer. She is in particular interested in large cities and their cultural and political development. She has lived in Berlin and Montréal and has travelled extensively, but she never considered exchanging Amsterdam for any of the cities she visited. At this moment, Mieke combines teaching at the University of Amsterdam with her own business in graphic design. Both of her interests come together in this book: the spatial approach of a human geographer and the visual approach of a graphic designer.

How to Avoid the Other Tourists Curacao is a collaboration with Annefleur Siebinga (1988). Her love for the Dutch Caribbean islands started when she went to work on Aruba as a project manager for the Ministry of Economics, Culture, and Social Affairs between her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Annefleur is a Cultural Economist with a large interest in sustainable and urban development, mainly due to her Master’s thesis on how the UNESCO status of Willemstad effected the tourism on the island of Curacao. Her aim is to show the beautiful and culturally interesting sights of Curacao instead of just the typical beaches. Curacao has so much more to offer which would be a pity when its left untold.